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Meditations on First Philosophy by René Descartes pdf free download in which the existence of God and the immorality of the soul and demonstrated. This book was published in the Latin Language in 1643 under the title of Meditationes de Prima Philosophia, in qua Dei existentia et animæ immortalitas demonstratur. Later on, it was translated to French by the Duke of Luynes.

This book has mainly six meditations and these are built on step by step. The writer says that we should believe in God philosophically not theological beliefs. His 1st meditation is “what can be called in doubt, in this he had mentioned our falsehood believes. That we are believing in the things for years without any knowledge and research. So, first of all, we have to need to change them, and then build you believe upon knowledge and research. Build a new foundation that is free of doubts.


Because in this world anything can be doubted. The second meditation is about “the nature of human min” it concerns the nature of the human mind and thoughts. He says that our mind only thinks about self-created ideas and thoughts. These ideas can be correct or just only false interpretations of your mind. The 3rd meditation is “concerning God, he exists” the writer argues that something cannot come from nothing.

Moreover, he argues that I exit, my existence has caused. The next and 4th meditation is “concerning the true and false” in this meditation writer answers the question that I and God we both exist then who is the most perfect and then why there are chances of errors. The 5th meditation is “the essence of material things, and again concerning God, that he exists.” The last and the 6th meditation is “the existence of material things and the real distinction between mind and body.”

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