You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay pdf free download published in 1984, this is more prominent work by writer, in March 1988 books appears on the New York Times best-seller list. At the end of 2008, almost 30 million copies were sold in 20 plus languages. The mind and body are connected. Moreover, the illness of the body has roots connected and causes effects on the emotional and spiritual aspects of the mind. Also, physical illness causes effects on the human thought process.

Meanwhile, modern medicines and techniques can eliminate the symptoms of a disease by using chemotherapy and other pharmaceutical drugs. The books related to mental health, the causes of the disease include stress thought pattern self-belief, and confidence to accept the challenges. further, positive thinking makes you happy and your health better. Your thinking is the mirror of your health. The concepts described in the book are explained through different theories.


A comparison of mental aspects and medical science. Also, the writer generated controversy between medical health and thoughts. According to the writer headache comes from nothing, it is due to pressure given by someone or hurt, so let it go you will be fine and headache will be nothingness. This book remains for the month on the list of top-selling books, the publishing company was great and popular. The writer is the most famous non-fiction female writer after JK Rowling and a few others.

Louise L. Hay was an American motivational speaker, writer, and founder of a publishing house named Hay House. She has authored many books on self and new thoughts and few books on motivation. She has made a struggle to make her career when she was at 40, she found a Church where she found a new way of thoughts to mold thoughts and some other life facts.   

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