The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi pdf free download, a book based on the relationships and sexual interactions with females. The book reveals some fundamental rules regarding females. Moreover, some common rules and laws are defined for a better and strong relationship. Moreover, 9 iron rules are discussed in the book. the 1st rule is “never seriously self-deprecate with a woman you intend to be with.” 2nd rule is related to the freedom of women, five her full freedom.

Whatever she wants to do, and how she is going to figure out the things. When she has experience with all good and ad then she will not object to your intensions. The 3rd rule is every relationship requires time to become reliable and trustable. As more time you spend you will understand each other in a better way, and never try to reconstruct a failed relationship. The 4th rule is fundamentally a woman who is incapable to love a man in the way he wants to love. Always use protection while on the bed.


Never give her freedom in birth control. The 5th rule is about your marriage relationship. Never live with a woman you aren’t married are you’re not planning to marry 6 months because it will produce difficulties for you. The 6th rule is any woman who tries to cheat you and asks some gifts and after that didn’t pay attention to you and doesn’t live with her. Further, the 7th rule never reveals about your past.

Past experiences and relationships will cause a problem for you she can use this thing as an argument in the future. Finally, the last frame is everything acts according to conditions and situations. Rollo Tomassi is an American writer he is famous for his well-known book the ration male, an interesting book.

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