The prophet by Khalil Jibran pdf free download is a poetry book. it is consisting of 26 prose poems. This book is translated into more than 200 languages around the world. Moreover, it is the most popular work of Khalil. This book was written in 1923 in Lebanese English. He wrote this book inspiring by his religion also from Islam. Moreover, he was inspired by Sufism.

The writer wants to know the efforts toward the spiritual journey. Also, he believes in the unity of religion and the lesson of humanity. According to him, the fundamentals of every religion teach us religion. Religion is a necessary part of life. If you have a connection with your creator then life meaningless and there is no point in life. You have to worship the God, who created all of us. Our lives revolve around Him.


The theme of the book is also inspired by Arabic Art, he lived in Lebanon and he studied Islam and the Arabic culture also. He also met some famous priests of that time to get guidance in terms of spirituality. This book is not only limited to any culture or nation. It is a universal book everyone can read it for his purpose. It gives the lesson of love, peace, and unity. Even Muslims, Christians, and Jews can read it.

This book became famous during the 1960s, his work known as an exceptional piece. Moreover, he had a special place in English literature. Khalil Jibran was born in Lebanon. After some years his family moved to America Boston. There he studied, after the age of 15 years, he was sent back to his native land. Then he lost his elder sister, brother, and mother. So, they had no way of earning then he started painting and someone supported his paintings and he went to study art in Paris. Where he met many other people.

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