The Perks of Being Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky pdf download. This novel was written by him in 1999. Moreover, in 2012 filmed into a movie directed by him. This is a coming-of-age drama and film. The story starts in 1992 a boy named Charlie suffering from clinical depression. He sets back his childhood and then attends school at first, he feels uneasy to be there. Moreover, he feels difficulty in making connections with others and feels shy in making friendships.

Then Charlie connects with his English teacher Mr. Anderson. After few days Charlie meets two seniors Patrick and Sam. They invited him to play football with them on the ground. Further, Charlie eats weed and discloses to Sam that a year ago his friend committed suicide. Then Sam realizes that Charlie has no friend other than that. So, she invites him to join their group. Moreover, Sam has to improve her score on the SAT to secure admission to Pennsylvania State University.


So, Charlie offers her to help her in improving her SAT score and tutor her. After, the test Sam gifts him a typewriter and they both start a discussion about their past. Moreover, share their memories and Charlie told her that he never kissed a girl. At the same time, Sam told her that she was kissed at the age of 11 by her father’s boos. But now she wants to be kissed by someone who loves her.

Further, at a party, Charlie attends the party, and also the boyfriend of Charlie was there. So, he was drunk and tried to kiss the prettiest girl in the room, Sam. This thing made angry with Sam’s boyfriend so Patrick suggests he stay away from the group for a few days. This isolation again throws him into depression and he flashes back to the death of her aunt Helen she died in a car accident.  

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