Number the Stars by Lois Lowery pdf eBook is an escape story of a Jewish girl during World War II living in Denmark. Annamarie Johansen was a Jewish girl living with her father, sister, and mother in Copenhagen 1943. During the war Nazis, German soldiers were in search of Jews. Annamarie had a chance to escape but she wants to escape with her friend Ellen and his brother. The novel referenced from Psalm in which the writer narrates that God has created several stars and named each of them.

It ties into the Star of David, a sign of Judaism which she wears in her necklace. In this war, German was doing the genocide of Jews. They were killing them everywhere in the world. NAZIS German soldiers were everywhere in the streets and on each corner. They were killing or migrating Jews from Denmark. Moreover, they have the lists of names and addresses of all Jews. They were suffering and completely killing the Denmark Jews.


Annamarie was living with her sister Kristi and her friend Ellen Rosen. Then they move to uncle Henrick in another city near the Sweden borderline. Uncle Henrick was a fisherman and when they go there, he announced that aunt Barite has died. Annamarie knows that there is no Aunt Barite. But people come to mourn her and soldiers also came to investigate. But Mrs. Johansen responded that Aunt Barite was suffering from a disease that could be fatal and spread by touching.

Then the soldiers move out of the home. Lois Lowery is a famous American writer. She has authored many books, related to children and adults. She has won two Newberry medals for her book Number the Stars. Also, her book Gooney Bird Greene won the Rhode Children book award. She was born in Honolulu Hawaii. Then her family moved to Tokyo Japan.

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