Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wayne Jones pdf free download is a fantasy novel. This novel was published in 1986 for the 1st time and twenty years later it received the Phoenix Award. Moreover, it was adopted as a movie. In 2004 an animated movie was directed with the same title. The story starts from the life of an 18 years old girl Sophie Hatter, she lives with her two sisters in a town that is famous for fairy tales and she is the eldest in the family he used to run a family hat store.

Unknown of herself she lives her own life until one day a powerful witch turns her into an old crone. Then Sophie leaves her to find out the work as a cleaning lady outside the town. The Wizard Howl. She works with her, Calcify the man who made her an old crone. If she became successful in breaking the contract between Calcify and Wizard then Calcify will return her to her young age.


Then start working upon it. Sophie learns that Howl is a very kind-hearted person and is famous due to his good nature, but he spreads wring rumor about him avoid the work so that no one could hire him for work. One day when prince Justin the king’s younger brother, goes missing while finding the Howl Suliman and then king orders to Howl to find his brother and kill the Witch who did this. 

This novel is the 1st novel of the writer’s Howl series. The writer Dianna Wayne Jones is a British novelist, poet, author. She has written fantasy and spiritual novels. Her work was nominated for several awards, she had won the Hugo Award, Locus Award, and the Mythopoeic Award. Her work explores the travel of time in a parallel universe and also had some work on science-fiction.

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