Greek Mythology Stories pdf free download, Medusa is often fabled as the vile monster slain by demigod Perseus. But legend shows an almost paradoxical and little known beginning to the horror. She becomes Medusa was the daughter of the sea Gods focus and Sita and sister sadhana. Yuria all immortal except for her legends speak of Medusas.

Luscious golden locks and how combined with her beauty and charm enchanted. Men from far and vast mobs of admirers sought to partner with her. But she instead chose a life in service to Athena a child of Zeus and goddess of wisdom and war. The virgin Medusa became Athena High Priestess a role that required celibacy.


But a god and an Olympian at that robbed her of it Poseidon god of the oceans and brother to Zeus yearns for Medusa. But she spurned his advances enraged at being rejected Poseidon. Eventually, forced himself upon her in Athena shrine the goddess of wisdom appeared not long after but did not take action against Poseidon.

Medusa was transforming her into a serpentine complete with lots of wild venomous snakes. Perhaps the cruelest part of Athena’s punishment was that Medusa retained her beautiful face. Yet gaze would now petrify all men who caught it for a time many tried but failed to slay the beast she had become all except one.

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