Getting something for free is a double benefit. On the other side, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Anyway, free things can be very pleasant. What’s the situation in the sphere of academic writing? Today, along with the cheap essay writing help service CheapWritingHelp, we’ll weigh all the pros and cons of finding a free essay writer. Also, we’ll esteem the possibility of finding such a person online.

Free Essay Writer: Where to Find?

There are several ways to get your paper done for free. Some of them are complicated, some are obvious. Let’s discuss every option.

Friend or Relative


When you are in a close relationship with a person who writes well, you can always ask for some help. In the end, you can get a good essay depending on the skills of your friend. The only minus – you’ll have to pay back not by money but by another favor.


  • It can be totally free for you.
  • If you are lucky enough, the essay will be in good shape.
  • The essay can be done instantly in some cases.


  • You are not sure if a person is familiar with your topic or disciplined enough to write well.
  • Asking to hurry in this case can be frustrating for your friend. So, it is not a good option when you are in a rush with the assignment.
  • It can be difficult to hide the fact that you haven’t written the essay by yourself.
  • Probably, you need to do a favor in return, so the option might not be free for you.

In general, asking your friend to help can do well only if you are 100% sure of the final result.

Studying Group


Often students unite into studying groups to study together and combine mental forces to solve difficult assignments or get better in a peculiar discipline. Being a member of such a group opens many possibilities, including free essay writing. For instance, if you have a good writer in your group, you can ask them to help you. In return, you can provide assistance with math, biology, or something else. 


  • It is free, but you’ll have to work in return.
  • A writer will be more familiar with your discipline or topic. 
  • You can control the process of writing.


  • Again, it will be difficult to hide the fact that the essay is not yours.
  • It is easier to control the deadline, but still, it is not an option for a 2-3 hour assignment.
  • It might be a difficult task to join a group and set there an atmosphere of friendship and mutual help.

The Internet


Today, you can find almost everything online. Being lucky allows you to find even help with writing. You should visit forums or portals where students, beginning writers, or academic paper enthusiasts gather. Possibly, there you can find a person who can write a short essay for free. Another option is a free text generator. It can generate various texts, but they are not complete. Probably, you will lose more time editing the text than writing it by yourself.


  • Asking for help online is free and can be instant when you know where to look for it.
  • If you are lucky, you will find a truly good writer.


  • You cannot set the deadline.
  • The final result might not be satisfying.
  • It is complicated to find forums and groups with people willing to write for you.

As you can see, getting a free essay writer has got its significant pitfalls. It is difficult to set a deadline. A strange person does not have responsibility for your final result, so they can exceed the time. The same matter concerns the quality of a paper. In most cases, it requires proofreading and can be good only if you count on a minimal grade. The best way is the option with a studying group, but it requires much preliminary work. To tell the truth, you should be prepared to use each of the options we’ve listed long before you need an essay. Let’s find out there are any alternatives and if free writing is worth it at all. 

Do You Need Free Essay Writing?


Note that we did not discuss such an option as a tutor. He or she probably can help you with an essay, but in most cases, you pay them for their assistance. We did not consider downloading a free essay from the Internet either. All the papers published online will never pass the plagiarism check. You will fail the assignment, so the profit equals zero.

Let’s consider the other peculiarities of free essays:

  • Without a deadline, you risk failing your task. On the other hand, paid writing services allow setting strict (several hours) deadlines.
  • You cannot be sure of the quality. If your essay has god complicated or specific instructions, a free writer might miss them. With a paid service, you can always be sure that your instructions are met, or you will be given your money back.
  • It is difficult to find a person with the skills you need. Specific discipline essays might be a disaster for a non-specialist. 
  • Finally, you cannot be sure of the uniqueness of the free essay. You never know where a free writer gets it unless you stand behind during writing. The paid writing services create 100% unique papers from scratch without publishing them. They provide you with a plagiarism check as well. 

So, it is better to find a reliable paid service. There, you can order an essay for cheap (mind the discounts and bonuses) or, at least, find enough tips to write an essay by yourself. Free writers are too dangerous if you want a satisfying grade.

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