Coraline by Neil Gaiman pdf free download, Coraline is a dark fantasy story. The full suspense story of a girl teaches us a story. Moreover, it is a weird and delightfully scary fairy tale. The creepy scenes in a story sometime create a shivery like look. These stories usually revolve around strange experiences with a charismatic outlook. The major one line feedback is that coralline wants to save her and her family from evil forces that threaten them.

Coraline is a girl who is not much affectionate towards his parents. Even her parents never give attention to her. She is bored because the neighbor pronounces her name incorrectly. Moreover, lives in a large house that is divided into two other units. further, one of them occupied by two retired theatre stars, and the other is occupied by an old man who trains mice. However, when she tries to open a door a second time, she finds that it leads to a mysterious world that is similar to her own.

They treat her well and they want her to stay, but she insists that she go back to her world in fear of having sewn in her eyes. After her parents disappear into the real world, Coraline goes back to another world to find her parents. further, she discovers that her other mother has deceived other children into leaving the real world. As, per the agreement, if Coraline finds the souls first, she and the rest of them go back to the real world. If other mother finds them first, Coraline will stay in another world.


Coraline finds all three souls in marbles and parents with the help of a cat and escapes through the door and back into the real world. In the end, after trapping her other mother’s hand in a well, Coraline begins to fix her relationship with her parents. The most important draw my interest and attention are the ideas of dual worlds. As everything in this world is mirrored in another world. The author is a good writer who tries to create suspense in children and makes attention to move on the right path.

Neil Gaiman won the John Newbery Medal for excellence in young people’s literature for his middle-grade fantasy novel The Graveyard Book. His works include the comic book series. The writer owns many awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker awards. Moreover, the Newbery and Carnegie medals. Neil is the first author to win the Newbery and the Carnegie medals for the same work, The Graveyard Book (2008).

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