Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza pdf free download covers science and Mystic both topics equally. The writer dedicated this book to his brother who is a mystic. Sometimes we live in this world but we aren’t aware of ways of livings. He got inspiration from a woman to write this book. while in London a woman was sharing a story of her life how she com over her fears and paved her way to success. Maybe many of them weren’t interested in her story.

But, some of them were listing her carefully and relating this with their lives. Maybe this would help them to get over. Same when he was writing Supernatural, he thinks that many people from my community wouldn’t like his work and they would critics him. but he wants to write for those who have the quest for this. In the 1st chapter, he has listed some short stories to understand what is Become Supernatural. Where he has described the story of a woman named Anna.


The 2nd chapter is about healing your body and recognizing your inner soul. The cover topic of quantum to find a new life and heal your inner soul. The 3rd chapter is an introduction to the quantum world in the 5th dimension. He says that there is another world despite these three dimensions, beyond space and time. This chapter ends a brief description of meditation. Chapter 4 is about some popular meditations, and chapter 5 deals with a breath.

Before meditation focus on single things and breath in a constant way. moreover, the next chapter describes some advanced levels of meditation. Joe Dispenza is a researcher, scientist, speaker, and writer. he a famous educator and speaker, h has remarkable work on the rewiring of the brain with your body to make changes. Moreover, he is a faculty member at Quantum University Honolulu Hawaii.

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