And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie pdf free download is fiction novel. Moreover, it’s a mystery novel. The book was published in the British in 1939 with the title Ten little niggers. Later on, translated to English with the title “then there were none.” The title is taken from the last line of the song. This book is the most selling book of over 100 million copies sold. It’s the world’s bestselling mystery book so far. The story is about some travelers.

They were traveling by train to an island named Indian island on the invitation of Mr. UN Owen. The eight guests arrived on the island. They received by Mr. Roger and Mrs. Roger and the directed to their rooms. They haven’t met with Mr. Owen yet. On the next day on breakfast, they hear a loud sound of screaming and someone recalling their names one by one with an accusation of murder. They all sent to the court and they recorded their statements regarding the cause and their arrival and invitation to the island.


But Mr. Bandit and his wife were taking that case. They checked the interests of guests and their cause if arrival on the island. Everyone was founding murder to Mr. Roger of his wife. According to him, she was drinking something after that she fell on the floor and died. According to the common option it was poisoned bear and poison added by someone and he was Mr. Roger.

But when blood test report comes on the light there was noting like poison in her blood. Further, doctors declared this a suicide accusation. Agatha Christie was an English fiction writer. she is author of sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short stories collection. She was appointed as Dame Commander of the Order by British Empire due to her services to literature. Also, she holds World Guinness Record for the best fiction writer.

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