The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses pdf free download is a Business Self-help book written by an American author and businessman Eric Ries. The book was also on the list of The New York Times Best Sellers. The book describes different strategies for someone to start a business, and it also tells some techniques for start-up companies.


The author describes some major and common mistakes people make while starting any business. Entrepreneurs mainly focus on the product’s quality when they launch any specific product without focusing on the want and demand of that launched product. They do not think about the target customer. They focus and give time and energy to the initial launched product to make it better, which is not right. The author focused on the MVP, which is a minimum value product initially to see the product’s reaction and then, according to it, enhance the product and make it better as per the demand. The author also asked the businessmen to test the riskiest assumptions first.

The author has also insisted on studying the customers, demand, and reaction to the initial launched product. He also introduced five WHY questions to tackle the issues, problems, and hurdles an entrepreneur faces for a better future and productive business.

What the book gives


The book is very well written. The easy and simple layout of the book makes it easy for the reader to understand it. The amazing techniques in it made this book useful for start-up businesses, due to which it has sold over a million copies worldwide and is translated into thirty different languages.

The book is a must for the start-ups to get some handy tips and tricks for their business. It will not only help you to set a business but also result in better productivity and for future businesses. You can get the ebook free pdf here.