Do you know how a golfer becomes so perfect in hitting the shot and finding the distance accurately? How does he guess distance? No doubt practice makes a man perfect. The same goes for sports. The more you play, the more you master it. But wait, practice without the right tool is not recommended in any walk of life.

The binocular type gadget the golfers use is known as a rangefinder. Normally the rangefinder is held up high in front of the eye before the golfer shoots. Whether you are going to hit a flagstick, bunker face, or a tree, using a rangefinder can make the distance measurement quite easy and accurate for you.

Finding and using a rangefinder can be the hardest thing if you are just starting out. But don’t worry, we are here to bring you a complete guide to use a rangefinder.

How to use a rangefinder


There are certain steps to follow when you use a rangefinder. Those steps are written as follows:

1. Finding the target.

2. Point the rangefinder at the target and aim it.

3. Turn on the rangefinder.

4. Measure your yardage.

The main procedure to use the rangefinder is the same for any type of rangefinder. But for every different category, the instructions change from category to category. 

How to use a GPS rangefinder?


Almost all the golf courses have their map on the internet, and GPS rangefinders use these maps and connect to the satellite to find the location we feed in it. The rangefinder determines the locations of flagsticks, slopes, and flags.

Take the following steps to use the GPS rangefinder to find your location.

  1. Firstly, load the map of the golf course to the GPS rangefinder.
  2. Switch on the rangefinder and connect to the satellite.
  3. Determine your target on the map while standing on the golf course.
  4. Wait until the rangefinder gets all the data from the satellite.
  5. Select the target on the rangefinder and measure the distance and the slope.

As the rangefinder needs the GPS and connects to settle, it needs a stable and strong internet connection to work precisely. If your rangefinder is not updated to the latest version, you may have a problem fetching the exact data. 

So make sure to update the rangefinder regularly to get the exact location, distance, and slopes.

How to use a laser rangefinder?


Laser rangefinders use laser light to measure the distance between the golfer and the target. As the laser rangefinder uses beam technology, practicing is extremely important to get an accurate measurement. It may look difficult in the early stages, but after practicing, it becomes easy to master it. The following steps are followed to use a laser rangefinder.

  • Switch on the rangefinder
  • Choose the mode of your situation. Adjust it according to your mode, site, and slope.
  • After making the adjustments, hold up the rangefinder and aim at your target. 
  • See-through your rangefinder easily to mark your yardage.

The quality of your results depends upon the amount of beam and the way you target it on the flagstick/target. The amount of beam is directly proportional to the distance. 

If you want to have more precise results, aim at a clear and more reflective surface. Many golf courses have installed reflective surfaces on the flagsticks. 




1. Should I use a rangefinder?

It is always recommended to use the rangefinder whenever you plan to play golf. Using a rangefinder can make your hitting experience better for the future, and it can refine your skills too. 

2. Where do I aim my rangefinder?

Whenever you enter the golf course, turn on the rangefinder to have a clear estimation of the distances. After the rangefinder gets ready to operate, it shows the reticles on display. Now you can find your target on display, aim it and press the button. 

A variety of modern rangefinders also offer target locking and output display on mobiles and smartwatches. They give a clear and easy readout and highly convenient to manage.

3. How to use a rangefinder on a slope?

Understanding the hills, slopes and their distance to the golfer is extremely important for precise distance measurement. Rangefinders with slope settings feature the distance measurement between the golfer and the slope.

  • First of all, set yourself in a parallel direction to the target if you want to measure the distance between you and the target.
  • Adjust the rangefinder sight to have a clear vision of the target.
  • Lastly, aim the rangefinder to the target on the ground.
  • You will have the slope and the angle of return on the rangefinder.

4. Are rangefinders worth buying?

Rangefinders are highly recommended by professionals and expert golfers as they bring precision, accuracy, knowledge of the game, and expertise to the golfer. Moreover, they help your game to take to the next level.