Mythic Odyssey of Theros pdf free download is a sourcebook for the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons worlds greatest roleplaying game. This sourcebook details the Theros campaign setting. Theros is from the collectable card game Magic: The Gathering.

The book is 256 pages lengthy, with an unforgettable campaign and adventure. This sourcebook comes with five new and unique races in the world of Theros. There are two new subclass options for the Dungeons and Dragons players. The three reprinted races and some new mythic monsters are added in this specific campaign setting for a better and mesmerizing experience. The Piety system and omen chart expansion, along with different gods and goddesses are included in this setting. All this gives the reader and the player an experience and adventure to remember.

The book describes and shows the world of Theros in detail. The book also reflects the inspiration taken from Greek myths and culture. With different gods and goddesses, Theron themed magical items and artifacts, and some new features in the campaign give mesmerizing adventure.


This campaign gives the player flexibility to create a character related to Theron, with some new powers and weapons. Lethal and magical weapons play an important role in the adventure. Along with the given story and campaign in this book, you can also create your own story, campaign and conquests inspired by Theros.

The layout and design of the book are simple and extraordinary. The illustrations are given in the book boost the understanding of the reader. The illustrations also show the artwork and tons of adventure packed in the campaign. The topics and articles are so well described and kept apart in a unique way that they are understandable. The writing of the book is kept as simple as possible for the reader to read it easily.

The book, with its unique features gives the reader and a Dungeon and Dragons player an intriguing adventure that remains in one’s unconscious.