The Secret pdf free download by Rhonda Byrne

Review of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The secret pdf free download is written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006 inspired by a film that was released in the early month of 2006. Rhonda Byrne was an Australian writer who wrote for television mostly. The secret was her first self-helping book and is on the top of the shelf of every literature lover till now. Many influential figures in history got inspired by it.

The Secret is all about a law of nature called Universal Law of Attraction. This law states that if you want anything in your life you have to take three steps to ask for it. Believe that you will surely get that thing one day. Think like you already have that thing in your life and act according to that. And then finally receive what you want.

If you will keep thinking and repeating these three steps to get anything that thing will be yours in no time. If we engage our secret thoughts with our ambitions and passions and what we want to get in life first we have to clear it what we want. then visualize it in our mind. In this way, we will start working on it. This law applies to everything and everyone. If you want to be with a person apply the three steps. If you have 60,000 things in your mind your mind should have 45000 above things about that person or thing you want to have.

Overall, the book was optimistic. The language of the book was casual and it was not a long book. It has some conflicts with religious beliefs. At some point, while reading it I felt like it is elongated. Examples quoted were good. They were motivating. If you want to read something the get your mind clear towards its goals go for it. you can download the book from below