The big book pdf free download by Bill W

The big book or alcoholic anonymous by Bill W. pdf free download describes a different method to get rid of alcoholism. The book published in 1939 by the founders of Alcoholic anonymous. The book tackles issues like alcoholism, sex addiction, gambling, heroin addiction, or marijuana addiction. This book is the best-selling book ever. In 2011 almost 30 million copies were sold. In 2012 Time magazine included this book in the top 100 books since 1923.

At the same time, The Congress Library included it in 80 books that shaped America. Bill Wilson is a street businessman. He met his friend who is an addict to alcohol at a party. Bill makes a piece of advice to him and proper guidance to leave the alcohol. Wilson meets with Dr. Bob. He was already making therapies to people for alcoholism. They met each other and create an understanding. Then they opened a clinic for people to make therapies. In late 1938 when they realized their lectures making people’s lives better and almost 40 people never tried to drink in the past 2 years.

They decided to write a book and founded Brand Alcoholics Anonymous. In very early 1939 they wrote this book. this book trains you through very strong spiritual and scientific training. The expenses beard by Charles B. Towns. At that time, he sponsored $2500 for publications of this book. he was also an expert in alcoholism and drug addiction.  The second edition published in 1955 this book is mainly divided into five main parts. Some of the parts are associated with a specific audience. One part is for only men, 2nd part is named as the Wives. One chapter is devoted to agnostics.

William Griffith Wilson Also known as Bill Wilson he is the co-founder of alcoholic anonymous. In 1999 the Time 100 listed it in the top hundreds of the century as Bill W. The Healer. You can get the ebook pdf free from below: