The Importance of Being Earnest,the importance of being earnest summary

Summary: The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wild

The importance of being earnest by Oscar wild is comedy and humor base book. This book represents the wild reflection of Victorian society. It is a fun play, but it demonstrates how stupid Victorian society was. They have a terrible habit of judging a man by his appearances. This a charity society in the UK. This society built in the 1880s. This book is a comedy, but in-depth, it gives us a message and true face of that society. The main character of the play is Bracknell. She represents British society.

Meanwhile, jack goes under the deal in social mobility. Bracknell loves money, and jack wants to marry her daughter. Cash is the only reason that Barkenell supports his proposal for her daughter’s marriage. Near her money is the only key being rich. This behavior shows her mentality and level of her class. She could give her daughter to anyone for some dollars because her husband lacks in money. Moreover, marriage is just a business transaction to hand over money from one hand to another.

The Victorians judged people from their dressing and physical appearances. That how wealthy he is, and though the price of the suit. Then what about such a society. Also, family relations are essential. Family plays a paid role in such matters to whom family you belong and background. Earnest is a group of people. That is just an imaginary family that doesn’t exist in reality. The writer mocked some wealthy families of the British in the 19th century.

They populated their city in the name Victorian and Edwardian. Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde is an Irish fiction, drama, and playwriter. His way of writing was a critic and witty for this. He was imprisoned for two years in jail. After release from prison, he never returned to the British and Irish and died in poverty.

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