Our American Cousin by Tom Taylor pdf free download, Summary of our american cousin

Summary of Our American Cousin

Our American cousin pdf free download play is written by Tom Taylor and performed first in 1858. Tom Taylor was an English writer and a famous editor of Punch magazine. It was a comic melodramatic play and the main reason for its popularity is that Abraham Lincoln was watching this before he was shot. It was not written as a comedy but later according to audience demand, it was edited and rewritten by an American Production Company with comic factor in it.

The play revolved around a stubborn American Asa Trenchard. He visited his British relatives and teased them with his strange and cunning behavior. He visited because he wanted to take the money back which his uncle took as a loan for his family. Asa family had a loss so he wanted to save them by demanding his own money. Sir Edward Trenchard was Asa’s uncle. Instead of giving him his money back, he decided to get Asa Married with his daughter. In-play Edward kept on proving that he had repaid the loan already. Florence Trenchard, Asa’s British cousin, wanted to marry Vernon but Vernon refused because he was not owning a ship.

Lord Dundreary is a character who is a nobleman but an idiot and did not understand that Georgina wanted to marry him. Coyle wanted to marry Florence but she could not because he was not living in her state. Asa fell in love with Mary, a poor girl, and later he proposed her too. In the end, Coyle, persuade Sir Edward to pay Asa his money back and apologize to his daughter for forcing her to marry Asa.

Our American cousin pdf is an uncanny melodrama by Tom Taylor. Lord Dundreary was the character that is saved in the mind of readers. It was focused on criticizing the American citizen’s attitudes and dealings. If you are looking for a light comedy read you can opt for this play. You can get the ebook pdf free from below: