Narrative of the Life,the narrative of the life of frederick douglass summary

Summary: Narrative of the Life by Frederick Douglass

Narrative of the Life by Frederick Douglass pdf free download is an autobiography he was a famous American abolitionist, editor, and feminist. His true name is Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, and he was born as a slave in the state of Maryland in 1818. He is an American hero in the true meaning. In slavery, he spent his free time learning reading and writing. At a young age, his mother dies, and no one cares about him, the master takes hard duty and pay nothing.

At the age of 20, he succeeded in escaping from slavery. Clarity of thoughts boggles your mind. After the escape, the main thing is to secure your freedom. He met a lot of people in his slavery and freedom age. He has listed their behaviors and their tone in his book. How Different people treated him differently. Also, he made a comparison of both ages before slavery and after slavery. He speaks loudly about the evil and brutality suffered by him and his fellow slaves.

His master was brutal and harsh; he was known to break unruly slaves. But, after observing the wisdom of Douglass, he fears him. Soon he gets rid of Douglass and sells him to a farmer and a little bit kind. From where he succeeded in escaping. Frederick Douglass says, “knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” Moreover, he took a strong stance against discrimination against women and black people.

He started working with fellow Martin R. Delany to publish a weekly anti-slavery newspaper, North Star. In 1870 Douglass launched The New National Era out of Washington, D.C. he was also nominated as vice-president by the Equal Rights Party. Moreover, he became the U.S. of marshal of the district of Colombia in 1877 and later on appointed minister resident and counsel-general of Haiti.

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