Metamorphosis pdf free download by Franz Kafka, Summary of Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Summary of Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

The Metamorphosis pdf is written by Franz Kafka in 1915. Franz Kafka was a German novelist and short story writer. He had mixed reality and fantasies with each other in a remarkable way. The metamorphosis is one of his well-known works he has contributed too English literature.

The story of the metamorphosis revolved around Gregor Samsa, a hardworking man who was the sole breadwinner of his family. He was a traveling salesman. One day he woke up and he saw he was transformed into a big giant insect. Instead of worrying about his transformation, he was worried about his job that if he could not get the train at 8 am then he could be fired. On not coming out of his room, his mother went into the room and faints at this sight. One of his head comes to ask why he was not on train at 8 am. His family tried to hide what had happened to him but when Gregor came out of the room to tell him his boss was terrified.

His mother fainted and his father tried to beat him with a stick. His only sister, Grete, gave him rotten food to eat as bread and milk were no longer suitable for ending his hunger. Gregor locked himself in his room and noticed that his mother, father, and sister had started doing some job. His sister and mother made space in his room for his comfort. When they tried to take the painting off, he resisted. The maid in his house tortured him and soon his room was also given to three people on rent. Once his father threw apples on him with anger which got stuck in his back and he was injured. And he eventually the end for a pleasant change the Gregor family went to the countryside and sold their house.

Metamorphosis pdf is a short novel depicting how life becomes hard and you become trouble for others when you can not do anything in life. The themes were alienization, personal identity, escape, and the effects of money on relationships. It is a quick read piece of literature that tells us the harsh realities of life. you can get the pdf book free from below: