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Book: Lost Islamic History by Firas Alkhateeb

Lost Islamic History by Firas Alkhateeb pdf free download is a historical book. Actually, in this book, the writer has narrated the tremendous Islamic history. It was a glorious era for Muslims for 1400 years. The Arabs culture converted into Islamic culture. Islamic economy, culture, and civilization ruled the world. In fact, the true leader prophet Muhammad taught the world ethics and characterization, and these were the fundamentals of Islamic civilization.

The Muslims ruled from East France to South Africa, Sub-Continent, middle East Asia to Spain, and the Arab world. There was the Caliph Empire, Umayyads, Abbasids, and Ottomans Empires ruled in the Arab and Europe. In the sub-continent, Mughal Empire and some other empires ruled for 1000 years. Muslims were more advanced in theology, psychology, science, astrology, and other knowledge advancements. The writer has explained the Muslim government in the Al-Andalus and sub-continent. He has highlighted the prominent and robust points of history.

Also, his stress was on their faith and will power. Their connection with Allah Almighty and with religion was strong. Moreover, he has beautifully portrayed the government of Al-Nasir in Spain. At his time, Spain was a more advanced country in terms of trade scientific research and the beauty of cities and justice. Before Europe’s colonization, the Muslim world was ruling the world in actual meanings. In fact, the colonization system ruined the empires and the Islamic world also. Muslims have a bright and glorious past.

When a typical person reads about Islamic history, he is astonished. We should learn from our past so that we could make our present better. Firas Alkhateeb is a scholar at Chicago. He holds a master’s degree in middle eastern studies with a specialization in Islamic intellectual history from the University of Chicago. Moreover, he taught Islamic history at Universal School in Bridgeview, Illinois. He founded and wrote the website Lost Islamic History.

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