Crime and punishment,crime and punishment themes

Summary: Crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky pdf free download describe the true meaning of life. How hard is this life? It defines the different theories related to humanity. This book discusses child labor, attempted rapes blackmail, child prostitution, child marriage, and child molestation. Originally this book was written in the Russian language in the 1850s later on; it was translated into several languages—the work concerned about the widespread problems and punishments of different societies.

The book describes a guy; he belongs to a low-income family but made his way in studies and became an engineer. Also, he starts writing with his academic tenure. But soon, he got captured by the police and imprisoned. This was the reign of Nicolaus. His crime was to insult His Majesty in his writings. After some years of imprisonment, he sentenced to death. He brought to open ground with 26 other jail partners for the shot. Their faces were hidden with white masks and hands tied.

He was third in the row and was a foot away from death. But, at this moment, a soldier came and said that His majesty had forgiven them. Their execution changed to hard punishment. He allocated to some though jobs and also teaching to prisoners. Due to his hard life, he experienced everything in jail. He has written this book. This novel makes his way to human essence about our darkest and deepest impulses. Also, it affects you psychologically.

Moreover, it provides you a sharp study of society. Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky born in Moscow. He also got prison, and when he comes out of prison, he has excellent readership for his books. At his freedom, he made a speech to a gathering of thousands of people. People listened to him, and after a few days, he died, and thousands of people joined his funeral. He is one of the best writers in Russia.

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