Antigone pdf free download by Sophocles,Summary of Antigone Sophocles

Summary of Antigone Sophocles

Antigone pdf is a tragedy, written by Sophocles before 441 BCE. Sophocles is an ancient Greek tragedy and play writer. He wrote more than 120 plays in his life but only 50 could be survived.

The play started when Antigone, the daughter of Queen Jocasta and King Oedipus, asked her sister, Ismene for helping her to bury his brother. The two of her brothers Eteocles and Polyneices died while fighting for the throne. Polyneices took help from a foreign army so he was declared to be a rebel of the country. The new king Creon passed orders to not to bury Polyneices because he went against the law. Ismene refused to help Antigone as their family had already faced the worst time in the past. Antigone decided to go against laws and bury his brother according to the order of Divine. She secretly went and buried his brother according to customs. A guard told King Creon about the disobedience of Antigone.

She accepted all the allegations on her and tried to persuade the king that it is the law of God to bury the dead. Ismene told the king that she was also involved in the plan of Antigone but the king gets frustrated and gave punishment to Antigone to be sealed in a cave of stone till death. Haemon, the fiancé of Antigone and King Creon’s son, told his father that Antigone was right and he should let her free from punishment but King got furious and said him to leave. An old man came to warn King that he will lose his only son if he will go against Lord.

King, in the presence of all, decided to free Antigone pdf. One of his guards meanwhile came and told him that Haemon had killed himself. Haemon went to see Antigone in the cave and saw that she has committed suicide by hanging with a rope. On looking this spectacle pity Haemon took out his sword and killed himself as he was so much in love with Antigone. Creon’s wife killed herself on hearing the news of his son died. King got alone and miserable because he lost his family by his wrong decision.

The themes of Antigone pdf are civil disobedience, love for family, and power of Divine laws. It has an excellent flow and keeps a reader in suspense what will happen next. The language is simple and it can be read in a single night. It is a good read for classical literature lovers. you can get the pdf book free from below: