The yellow wallpaper pdf free download by Charlotte Perkins

Summary of The yellow wallpaper

The yellow wallpaper pdf is written by an American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a social critic, journalist and fiction writer, in 1892. It is a short story that was first published in The New England Magazine. It is considered as an amazing work in Feminist literature. This story depicts the man’s influence on women in the nineteenth century.

This story revolves around a woman who was diagnosed with a nervous condition and was prescribed for a rest cure after her child’s birth. Her husband, John, a physician takes her to an isolated rest house for her cure in Summer. This rest did not simply means taking rest it was also preventing her from social interactions, reading, writing and playing with her child. The cure was the complete ending of any sort of activity in her life as prescribed by his husband. She has to stay in the room upstairs having yellow wallpaper on it.

The yellow wall was smelly and had a disturbing design on it. Instead of healing, the women became more frustrated day by day. After spending some days in that room, she started writing a diary secretly. One night she saw a woman caged in that wall. She was mentally disturbed over this fact. She also started seeing a woman from her window walking alone in her garden. She wanted to help that woman on the wall. She keenly observed the wall and saw there were many women trapped in the cage. She started scratching the wallpaper to help them out. Her husband told her one day they are going back to their house. She was mentally disturbed at this. She locked the room and started to scratch the whole wallpaper from the wall. Her husband unlocked the door with a key and seeing this spectacle fainted on the spot. She kept scratching the yellow wallpaper pdf until the whole wall was free from it.

This story shows man’s control over the woman. It is a simply written story with the theme of the effects of resting cure and the importance of an expressing self. The woman lost her mind in the name of cure. Her husband had caged her in the room. This is a social depiction of a man running society. You can get the ebook pdf free from below: