The Richest Man in Babylon pdf free download by George S. Clason

Summary of The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason

The richest man in Babylon pdf free download was written by George Samuel Clason, an American writer, in 1926. George wrote informational and financial advice related to books. This book is considered to be a classical read of its time.

It has many stories in it that tell how can we grow our money and can become financially strong. A character Arkad tells seven cures for an empty purse i.e. save 10 percent of what you earned in your purse from your monthly income, know the difference between your desires and necessities and spend on necessities, instead of hoarding gold try to invest the money to increase the gold, try to protect your wealth from risks of getting them away from you by mishaps in business, always make sure you have insurance, make sources of money from which you can earn without doing any effort, do not settle on your present skills and try to enhance your skills to earn more in life.

Arkad also told his sons five laws of gold. Instead of taking advice from our friends, we must take from the experts of that domain. try to be in the company of those who earn a lot and play with money in order to learn more. Don’t burden yourself to earn but try hard because hard work is necessary to earn well.

Don’t invest in things that you think will profit you in the future. Avoid such risks. We have to end our procrastination to achieve what we want. If we want to help our friends, it is not necessary to burden ourselves to helping them. Cut your cloth according to your cloth. If you have taken a loan you should spend 70 percent of it in necessities,20 percent on debt and 10 percent to save for yourself. Make hard word your best friend to go places in life.

The richest man in Babylon pdf does not tell us ways and techniques to how can we learn to make money. It is a simple-short book with parables that can motivate us. It is written in a way that even it is applicable today. You can download this ebooks pdf free from below: