Book: Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu pdf free download is a spiritual book. This book considered the Chinese spiritual book. The exact information about the era of this book is unknown. However, it is considered that it was written in 200-300 BC. People started following the wisdom that he demonstrated in the book. This book is about your internal journey toward Divine. Many religions follow this book.

Also, they consider this book as a basic fundamental of their religion. Taoism is truly based on this book. People from China follow this religion. Mainly this book is worthy of the religions in China. Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism follow the teachings of this book. What is the hierarchy behind this book? Due to which it is still alive. So, most famous writers praised this book. It is a rival of the Bible, after the Bible, it is the second book that translated to other languages most, and sold out at a high rate.

People read the book to bend down towards God. His ultimate target is to target people that are not good human beings but trying to be. Ne never intended to be famous and never written book on fanfare. He just writes purely in divine love and for humanity. He believes in integrity, love, and intelligence. Also, he believes in the self-motivation. The writer is only a philosopher, not a prophet. He is resilient to hard work and motivation.

A motivated person can achieve anything in his life. The story of writer Lao Tzu is much interesting, as 2500 years ago he moves to the earth and he observed many things from the Chinese culture and their traditions. He put it down in his book to make people live better and think better. People consider him the founder of Taoism but that is not correct. He just put up the ideas rather people follow him or not. Obviously, after reading to his book you find something and believe in him

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