Beowulf Poem pdf free download,Summary of Beowulf Orignal

Summary of Beowulf Orignal

Beowulf poem pdf free download is one of the most important works of Old English Literature. It has influenced many contemporary fictional works It was originally created by an anonymous Anglo and Saxon poet in the seventh century. It depicts the mixture of Christian values and Pagan traditions. It was written in German and then translated into English later. It is the most translated poem of all times.

The plot of the story starts when King Hrothgar returned from a battle. When his army and people were cheering over the victory in Mead Hall, a monstrous creature, Grendel comes and ate his men. That continued for eight years. All people in the land were terrorized by Grendel. A young great warrior Beowulf came to his aid. Beowulf had a strong grip, the grip that equals to the grip of 30 men. Beowulf called on the beast and without any armour ripped off Grendel’s arms. The beast returned to his home and died. Seeking revenge Grendel’s Mother arrived the next day and killed the advisor of the king and took Grendel’s arm with her. Beowulf went down the lake in search of her and fought with her with his magical sword.

He attacked her head and sliced her head off. Beowulf pdf found Grendel’s body and chopped his head off with his magical sword. He carried his head with him as a trophy and then the blade of his magical sword disappeared. He gave the head of Grendel to King Hrothgar. King gifts him wealth and gifts as a reward and he returned to his land. Beowulf received the crown of the king in his land and rules for fifty years in harmony with other kingdoms. One of the slaves, stole the dragon’s cup and the dragon started tormented his land. Beowulf in spite of getting old, went with his warriors to fight with the Dragon. All his warriors left except Wiglaf. Beowulf and Wiglaf defeated the dragon and killed him. Beowulf became injured. He gave his armour to Wiglaf and told him to rule his land after him. He also told him the funeral ceremony he wanted to have and died. Wiglaf gave punishment to the warriors who flee away in the time of need. And in the end, the funeral of Beowulf was conducted according to his will.

The theme of the Beowulf poem pdf is a heroic code and good versus evil. This folk epic is a masterpiece of English literature. It has a splendid rhythm. The flow of the poem is great but it is not quick to read literature. you can get the ebook pdf download from below: