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Book: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity pdf free download is a combination of three books i.e. The Case for Christianity (1943), Christian Behavior (1943) and Beyond Personality (1945). Actually, the content of these books was delivered by C.S. Lewis as addresses on Christianity on BBC in London during WW II. C.S Lewis was an atheist/agnostic who converted to Christianity. The person who first didn’t believe in God and said that all religions are the same was the same who, after becoming a Christian, explained the Christian faiths and proved them the best among all religions.

In the first part, he discusses natural laws with human nature with a crust of morality. He also gives practical examples that can be understood by the layman. He relates the natural laws with the lawgiver i.e. God. In Christian Behavior, he relates morality with Christian beliefs and also proves that other religions also have these morals which are already taught by Christianity. He proofs Christian Beliefs are the best of all.

Overall, C.S Lewis puts the points chronologically so there is an automatic continuity in the thinking process while reading it. For the listeners or readers, he cites his own life experiences. He confesses that he is not a theologian but he presents the theological truths in a simple language. He explains what is living like Christian not believing like Christian.

Most of the reviewers declared it as a must-read for all Christians in order to understand their beliefs in a better way and to defend them logically. But some critics were not satisfied since this book comes from a person who wasn’t a Christian earlier and they say that this book is old fashioned and classically described and does not meet the modern needs. Marsden writes, “We’re alarmed at ‘backward-looking Christianity.”. Some said that this book is meant for those who are Christians so they can affirm their beliefs but this book not for seekers. You can find more ebooks pdf download on site.

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