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Book: The Secret Garden by F. H. Burnett

The Secret Garden pdf is a novel that reveals the secrets of a house. It is about a garden. That the owner doesn’t want people to see. The owner has confined different hidden truths in that region. Actually, it has a direct relation with the personal life of the writer that gave it beauty. In fact, it reflects the early life of the writer. In early life, he used to live in India. But, he had to shift in the West that was heart-rending.

It’s not what you are, it’s about what you think & believe!

Ultimately, there was no caretaker of the garden. In that way, Ben tried to recover the plants, that were about to die. The garden was beautiful but due to negligence, it went ugly. Such gardens are one of the biggest sources of pleasure for people. Similarly, the people tried to figure out the mystery behind that garden. But there were different trials and hardships that they underwent. People gave remarkable reviews for the novel. There are different interesting events that happen to the people while dealing with that. F. H. Burnett is the best author of West, that wrote for herself. She always gave views that are radical.

She had proven her identity by writing revolutionary novels. Moreover, her art of fusing views into the story is adorable. Similarly, her views are out of the box, reflecting her real thinkings. She made people believe that never bow down before wrong. As well as, it is ok to say you can’t learn without messing with the bad. Her way of elaborating on the bad and good experiences is also impartial. Furthermore, she used to opine in a very weird way that is not relatable. Freebooksamania is providing is writings for free in ebook and pdf form!

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