Book: Nabi-e-Rehmat (SAW) by Molana Abdul Hassan

Nabi-e-Rehmat by Abdul-Hassan Ali Nadvi pdf free download is the biography on the life of Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w. Nabi-e-Rehmat is an Arabic word that means a Prophet who is a blessing for humanity. In Quran, Allah says “we have sent you as a blessing for the whole universe. Similarly, Hazrat Muhammad is the last prophet. After him, no prophet will come. He is the prophet of Muslims. In fact, His life was a role model for humanity. He specified the rights of women, daughter, wife, sister. AS well as, at that time Arabs were the most illiterate nation. Hazrat Muhammad polished them and make them a role model. The world has watched that Muslims have the rule over the world. Muhammad was the loveliest prophet of Allah Almighty.

Hazrat Muhammad never lied in his life. That’s why all people call him a trustable and honest man. In addition to that, Hazrat Muhammad preached at the age of 40. He invited to worship Allah instead of the sun, trees, and stones. But all the people of Makkah opposed him. they tortured him and his family. Hazrat Abu-Bakr was his best friend. Moreover, he is the first person to embrace Islam. After 10 years Muhammad migrated to Madina. Because the people of Madina welcomed him with heart. Consequently, they helped him. after some years he goes back to Makkah and conquered his parental city.

Hazrat Muhammad married Hazrat Khadija. In the same way, she was the richest woman at a time in Makkah. She sent her proposal to Muhammad and he accepted it. The writer Abdul Hassan Ali Nadvi is an Islamic scholar. So, He was a very pious man. He always worked for religion and has written many books on Islam and the Quran. He was a man of honor. Likewise, he belongs to a noble family. Similarly, His background was religious. He completed his studies from his city. Started writing. He was a great lover of the Prophet Muhammad. This book is proof of his love. Freebookmania is providing such spiritual and religious writings for free!

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