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Book: The Son of the Wolf by Jack London

Free ebook pdf The Son of the Wolf by Jack London is one of the best thriller novels of the respected century. It gave out such thought-provoking ideas that made it unique and interesting. It’s the wisdom of the present and past civilizations to create sensibility. An effort to make people think that not only think but also need to adopt an ability to do something. The novel is mainly dependent upon the sense of greed and creed at the same time.

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The story has a tragic start and events but has a strange ending. It makes us feel that abnormality leads to uniqueness which leads to a distinctive status. We try to conceal the real we, which don’t do good. When we are in ourselves the world begins to recognize us. Jack London has written such novels that describe his views based on comparisons.

Likewise, there are myths and metaphorical illusions that take us away from the facts and figures of the world. The writer is totally a critical thinker and judges everything, logically. The beauty of his writings is that he gives examples that perfectly explains the situation he creates in his writings. Because his writing style is simple but logical and he proves his statements by giving such examples that can’t be overlooked. Similarly, he got fame just because of his critical and unusual ways of thinking not only in the west but also in Asia. Freebooksmania is providing his writings for free in ebook pdf form!

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