Hazrat Ba- Yazeed Bastami A great Saint

Ba-yazed Bastami was a great Muslim Sufi saint born in Iran also known as Sultan-al Afrin. Also, Bayazed Bastami was a man who connected himself with Allah and became close to Him. Moreover, The concept of sufism is entirely related to self annhilation with sef exploration, considering yourself an unknown specie and try to figure out who are you. Why are you ?
Bastami was a man who had a firm beleive in Shari’ah. He was blessed by those ranks which a common muslim cannot understand. This is something which compels you to fall insanely for the only one.

Some of the Best sayings of Ba-Yazed Bastami are now being shared here. For the people who love Sufism and the depth of words.
The best thing of a Sufi is that he can only be understandable infront of who knows about truth and charms of light.
There are many books under his name and they are written in Arabic. All of them are deep and really amazing. Human thought really suffers to understand that man.