Fateh e Azam Salahuddin Ayyubi By Khan Asif download

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Book:- Fateh e Azam Salahuddin Ayyubi By Khan Asif 

Fateh e Azam Salahuddin Ayyubi By Khan Asif download is available under Urdu books free category in high-quality pdf on freebooksmania.

Khan Asif was a great Urdu historical novelist, she has authored many novels basically on Muslims personalities and their lives. She has written biographies of many Muslim rulers and commanders narrating their life incidents and success stories. In my opinion, she is a great writer and an asset of Urdu literature because her method of writing, the narration is very strong and properly organized. She  began writing by scripting for Akhbar e Jahan
She has highlighted in a great perspective their achievements and decisions which made them noble. She doesn’t bush about stupid philosophies and sticks to the story which increases the reader’s interest written in the chronological order beautifully. She has also criticized the lust and abuse of power in Muslims that has always led to destruction and devastation of their regime. Her work accounts for Saladin Ayubi, Mughal Empire, Tippu Sultan, Razia Sultan and many other notable people who were the true human indeed and have served till their last blood.
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