Dara Shikoh Novel By Qazi Abdul Sattar download pdf

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Book:- Dara Shikoh Novel By Qazi Abdul Sattar 

Dara Shikoh Novel By Qazi Abdul Sattar download pdf is an Urdu history book pdf and now available on freebooksmania.

Qazi Abdul Sattar is 83 years old great historical novelist. Authored, dozens of historical and biographical novels about Muslims personalities especially rulers and Sufis. This book is about the historical period of Mughal empire and accounts for the Shah Jahan era when he became ill and his sons started to think about Kingship and drawn swords on each other. Although, one of his sons was Dara Shikoh who had no interest in the Kingship and military post. He was a saint and used to spend a lot of his time with Sufis that’s why he composed many books on this topic and one of his books he explained his whole life spun. 

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