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Nojawano k masail urdu book by Dr.Mubeen Akhtar  is an excellent book by Pakistani author on Free Books Mania. Nojawano k Jinsi masail pdf The word “sex” is considered as a taboo in our society and people actually hesitate to talk about it although it is in human nature for the continuity of his race. This book is a complete guide for youth for who hesitate to gain knowledge about sex as the shame keep us away for talking to our seniors as our physical system is changing all these answers lie in it.Islam is a complete moral code and give us every aspect covered in its curriculum this book contains references of Hadith,verses of Holy Quran about “Zina” human interaction and all the questions which a young growing mind have.This book is also good for parents as they can learn techniques to teach their children about this without going into the nasty part.Sex Education Urdu PDF by Dr.Mubeen Akhtar is available on Free Books Mania and its download link is given below:
Sex Education Urdu PDF by Dr.Mubeen Akhtar
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