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Man o Salwa full novel free download pdf by Umera Ahmad is a perfect novel on materialism and spirituality clearly applicable and based on the people of current age.Man o Salwa novel pdf download .The novel is based on the lower class of the society which is facing worst condition of poverty which leads them to the terrible level of materialism and they begin to run after the wealth.The curse of poverty and having never good enough at ones plate makes human relations and emotions worthless.This novel free download actually a comparison regarding faith humanity ethics to hypocrisy narrow thinking and materialism.

Man-o-Salva by Umera Ahmad pdf is a piece of art. It explores how time gets changed. Your beloved people change their behavior towards you. Time matters and all about fate. This novel has a story of greedy people. People only loves you when they their interested in you. your beneficial for them. You feeding them even your family and your relatives. Story of novel also shoed the dirty of media industry. People only your fan when you’re on the sky of fame and you have money. This is desperately heart wrenching when your most beloved person hates you and leaves you. Because can’t provide him nothing.

Story of this novel is such that a girl Zainab that she belongs to a poor and religious family. His father is a clerk in an office. Her cousin and fiancé Shiraz is starving brother of three sisters. He passes MA. He clears CSS examination and becomes and income tax officer. Where he gets married to the daughter of a senior officer. Leaves her cousin because she belongs to a poor family. Zainab can’t bear this breakthrough and becomes a sick person. Afterward she starts modeling and acting in no time she becomes a star. But due to this her family hates her

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