Kashful Mahjoob Urdu+Eng pdf by Hazrat Data Ganj
Kashful Mahjoob Urdu+Eng by Hazrat Data Ganj is a great book on the concept of Sufism and spirituality at here Free Books Mania. Data Saheb is the teacher of all the sufis of Subcontinent and many personalities like Pir Chishti of Ajmer and other.Kashful Mahjoob Urdu+Eng by Hazrat Data Ganj gives an excellent understanding about connecting your soul with Allah Almighty. Sufism is the way to light and self knowing but according to my opinion, it’s a dynamite which can blow you up end you up or make you up that’s why these kinds of books must be read under the supervision of a scholar for proper guiding and to avoid distraction and falling into the sect of Shirk.Free Books Mania provides the ebook free download link below:
Kashful Mahjoob Urdu by Hazrat Data Ganj
Urdu Version

Kashful Mahjoob Eng pdf by Hazrat Data Ganj

English Version

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