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Saleeb E Ishq By Hashim Nadeem Pdf Free Download

Suleeb-e-Ishq by Hashim Nadeem free pdf contains short stories. Some chapter of book comprises on poetry Not a handsome having ordinary face cuts.  However, his parents named him as Parizad which means too much beautiful. So, this was contradiction in shape and name. people always abused him. none valued him. he always lives in complexes. […]

Muqaddas by Hashim Nadeem PDF free Download

Muqddass by Hashim Nadeem pdf free novel. It’s all about the life of the atheist boy. His parents were Muslims. His father died in his childhood. So, he never studied religion deeply. The main background of this novel is the 9/11 tragedy that happened in America. Ayaan was a talented student. He was found on-street […]