Siddhartha pdf free download by Herman Hesse

Siddhartha pdf free download by Herman Hesse

Siddhartha pdf free download is written by Herman Hesse in 1922. Herman Hesse was a German novelist; he mainly wrote on the themes of self-identification and spiritual awareness. He won Noble Prize in Literature. Siddhartha became popular in 1956 when it was translated into English. It has influenced people worldwide and has been the best seller book for two decades.

Siddhartha is a fictional novel that is about a person, Siddharth, in Indian Kingdom who wanted to attain spiritual peace and wanted to discover his own self.  He left his house and every worldly relation and needs far behind. He started his journey with his friend Govinda and started his path to self-discovery. He met a group of saints in woods and tried to learn complete spiritual peace, nirvana from them but soon he found they are just following traits of their ancestors whom they considered had internal peace and in reality, many of them have never felt nirvana in their life.

After knowing that staying with some saints was not working, he left their company. By his friend, Govinda, he came to know about Buddha who was a master for teaching people peace and self-contentment. They went to learn eternal peace from him but he realized he cannot attain his peace and spiritual strength by learning it from any master. He went back to his normal life and learned how to love from a prostitute and how to trade from a businessman by working with them. He became wealthy and learned life. One day he met a ferryman and came to know that water can talk to us and we can get all answers from it. He discovered that the water does not talk, we can get all the answers from our own selves. He not only learned spiritual peace but also learned how to deal with the world.

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Siddharta pdf is a fictional novel that is beautifully written. The language of the novel is simple. It is not a book with many quotes but it has a great impact on the mind. If you are looking for something to discover your own self it is the best book to read. You can get the pdf book free from below:

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