When People Say My Autism Is ‘No Excuse’

When People Say My Autism Is ‘No Excuse’ 

Our illiterate society  
We can see numerous people in our society who face difficulty in several conditions like social interaction is one major issue. People with such kind of problems and displaying related symptoms are referred to as having ‘autistic disorder’. Because of their exceptional behaviors, they become the notable figures in our society. History shows that there should be a strong evidence to point towards the person on the autistic spectrum. Where the ration of such people is increasing in the West. They display several symptoms which are unacceptable in our society but still don’t you think that there should be an awareness among the people to understand them and accept them like normal human beings. That’s how we can help them and boost confidence in them.  

Normally functioning being they are! 

Yes, there are few people who will understand their situation and help them become the normal functioning human being but similarly, there are many of those who are not ready to accept them. It hurts actually When People Say My Autism Is ‘No Excuse’.  
Einstein was diagnosed with an autistic trait 
If we look at our surroundings we can see many famous people who had that disorder. Einstein faced a difficulty in social interactions but yet he was very intelligent. Despite facing learning and language difficulties is still considered one of the most intellectual personalities. He too had faced hard times in school so of course being an autistic child he needed a different teaching style. I mean this is amazing someone like Einstein (the one full of ideas) could fall behind in school. There is an interesting fact that all autistics are different but still, Einstein was also different if we compare him with other autistics so it is indeterminate to classify him as an autistic person. But still, he was known as having an autistic trait.  
His differences made him to be celebrated today 
His life seemed to have quite a bit of difficulty but despite all this he proved himself. It is important to mention here that he had difficulties in his life because he was different, but it would not be wrong saying that his difference made him develop some good ideas that made him famous. We all consider autistics different, his differences made him the celebrated person he is today. This fact lets us realize that being different and noticeable is not a bad thing. It’s something not to worry about, in fact, it is something to celebrate and accept and prove oneself.  
There isn’t only a downside to that disorder  
Speaking of Einstein I just want to mention here that just like him there are a number of people on the autism spectrum who are not accepted by others and it kills them from inside when people say that “my autism is not an excuse”. Yes, they are extremely sensitive and physically sick but they are excessively active too from inside. Some of them meow like a cat and others do somersaults; they are exposed to hurdles which are not even bearable for us. Because of their frequent mood changes and reckless behavior they could have been on the autism spectrum but we have no right to make them feel autistic as far as work is concerned, they are extraordinarily focused on their work  
A degree of prejudice and intolerance they face Autism represents a great degree of prejudice, we as a society must overcome. If we look back in old time as I discussed above. we just lead to frame different and exceptional people in some way lesser beings than ourselves and that’s what you call insanity. Obviously, this ain’t less than racism, an ugly example of racism it is. We can see several horrifying examples in our society; other disorders are also there facing maximum intolerance When People Say My Autism Is ‘No ExcuseI mean they all wish to free themselves from the labels they are given and obviously who doesn’t want to?  
Labels parallel to torture and plight 
We all want to lead a peaceful life but such judgments and labels they are subject to akin to torture. We say we are educated but is this what we call education? Hurtful words like abnormal, retarded, impaired and so on are utilized for them, for defining them. It refers to the notion that actually, it’s actually us who are abnormal not them, being somewhat different we consider themselves lower beings than ourselves. It’s our responsibility to reject that notion that they are disabled because they too seek a right to be valued as equal members of the society. Except for the fact that they are blessed with exceptional intellect rather than pointing towards them that they belong to the minority group.  
Stand together  
It’s the plight faced by the autistic people in our society, don’t give me an excuse you are autistic. As a society, it’s vital to stand together to overcome that prejudice. Sometimes we may try to use them as an excuse or as a reason but the majority don’t except that excuse and when people say “your autism is not an excuse” it becomes totally outside of your control. It becomes unacceptable in many situations. If you keep on mention that it’s not an excuse like common on people how many times they have to explain their condition? It genuinely hurts from emphatic point of view!  
They don’t deserve cruelty 
Obviously, some of them will say something positive and some will say negative about you but teach them that certain times you have to ignore what others say. Sometimes they say something that is difficult to tackle, they give you genuine comments, they deserve a genuine response. The accurate thing is to label them as challenging. I am going to be here nest some of them are taken to places where they are subjected to cruelty. This is dark and invisible.  

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